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(78005) Sports Compression Knee Supporters
(78005) Sports Compression Knee Supporters
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Sports Compression Knee Supporters
1. Compression sport socks of preventing legs injuries.
2. Maxium legs endurance.
3. Release tiredness of legs.
75% Polymaide, 25% Spandex
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(78005) Sports Compression Knee Protective Gear 

1) Graduated pressure to relax tiredness of knee well and maximum knee endurance.

2) Protect and avoid sports injury.

3) Increase muscle endurance and explosive force.

4) Integrated design, skin touch and comfortable.

5) Non Slip Process insides top of knee protector.

6) For golfers, athletics, climbers, tennis players, cycling, extreme sports activity, etc.

7) The scientific compression knit provides your muscles with the maximum amount of oxygen and energy.

8) Made in Taiwan.

2. Material—

    78% Polymaide, 22% Spandex

3. Color—

4. Size—
   Measuring circumference of middle thighs.

   M: 39-45cm
   L: 45-53cm

   XL: 53-61cm

   XXL: 61-66cm


5. Instruction for Sports Compression Socks—
Sports Compression Socks is one of Compression sportswear, is worn by athletes.
The main benefits of compression sports socks is that it keeps the muscles warm to prevent muscle strain and fatigue, and wick sweat away from the body to prevent chafing and rashes. In addition, there is some evidence that compression socks may enhance athletic performance. Compression sports socks also helps to fit legs well, and for certain sports, like baseball, golf, softball, tennis, cycling, etc. to protect players from injuries due to sliding.
There are many types of compression garments that serve a similar function, such as compression t-shirts, socks, sleeves, and tights. KoolFree is better one brand in socks and sleeves.